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Featured Speakers:

 Mario Herger
Mario Herger
Enterprise Gamification Consultancy LLC
 Scott Schnaars
Scott Schnaars
General Manager, EMEA
 Andrzej Marczewski
Andrzej Marczewski
Web Developer and Gamification Evangelist
 An Coppens
An Coppens
Gamification Design Expert
Gamification Nation
 Phil Dearson
Phil Dearson
Head of Strategy
Tribal Worldwide

"Gamification" is being thrown around a lot these days as a marketing buzzword - an 'in the moment' term with little longevity, as many cynics might point out.

Clearly these cynics haven't seen statistics like these.

Pseudo-science or not, gamification - or the application of game-like theory, concepts or behaviours - to the real word can have extremely beneficial results. For example, in 2012 mobile app Foursquare had 20 million registered users, 'checking in' to real locations and earning points and badges in the process. This is a straight example of PBL - points, badges, leaderboards - but goes to show the take-up and engagement possible through game concepts.

What about an example most of us will be familiar with - McDonalds' Monopoly game. Every year, hordes of people descend on the restaurant chain, probably to purchase more than they would normally, or with increased frequency, just to collect properties. Even people who wouldn't normally go to the fast food chain may - and do - make exceptions during Monopoly season. And 2013's was the 21st annual iteration - over two decades of famously successful gamification. So much for no longevity!

Whether your objective is increasing direct revenue, site visits or "stickiness", product reviews, liking/sharing on social media, new customer acquisition or existing customer retention and loyalty, there is likely already a successful example of a gamified project in that area.

Is your interest piqued? Would you like to find out more about how other businesses have applied gamification concepts to their marketing, social media and digital strategies, and what lessons they have learned?

Enterprise Gamification Europe will equip you with the information you need to hit the ground running as soon as you get back in to the office, with a line-up of gamification experts and speakers and a whole section dedicated to examining case studies and analysing:

  • What was the real objective?
  • How did they implement it?
  • What was the ROI?
  • What lessons can we take away from it?

So join us in London, UK, on June 4th-5th 2014 for Europe's first truly international and practically-focused gamification forum for business leaders.

We look forward to meeting you!

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